Looking for a Few Good Cooks

Help_Wanted_HeaderGood morning everyone!

It did nothing but snow yesterday and it gave me the most perfect excuse to stay at home and start a rather ambitious project that I have been wanting to do for some time, write a cookbook.

I spent the day categorizing, sorting, and determining which recipes would go into the book and started typing.  Then I realized, I’m gonna need some recipe testers!  Who better to test a recipe than my readers?!

So, if you are interested in recipe testing, you can click here to learn a little more.

ALSO!  I am really a lover of collaboration and giving other people a chance to express their culinary points of view, so I am also looking for Guest Bloggers.  If you have a good hearty recipe that you want to share with other home cooks, then go ahead and contact me and let me know!  I am all ears.

Finally!  I am doing live broadcasts direct from my kitchen on Saturday afternoons.  Everyone is welcome to watch.  And if you live in the Bozeman, MT area, you might even be able to be a guest.  Tune into my Facebook page for the show.  To be a guest, contact me here.

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