20160611_161330Mountain Country Gal is maintained by Stacy Stratton from her cozy little abode outside of Bozeman, MT.  She and her husband of 10 years have been living in Montana for about half of their marriage.  Having originally met in the Rocky Mountains, it was only natural that they wanted to stay there.  With scenery like this, can you really blame them?

Stacy has been cooking and writing for about as long as she can remember and this project is just the merger of her two favorite things.  Cooking for people makes her happy and when it’s enjoyed, it makes her even happier.  Using seasonal and local ingredients helps her keep in touch with what is the freshest.  Having food allergies gave her creativity in using ingredients in different and, occasionally, clever ways.

If you run into her while out and about in Bozeman, don’t forget to say hi!FB_IMG_1507924615603