Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are a simple way to keep track of the number of stitches or where rows begin, end, or are changed.  Never underestimate the practicality and usefulness of a heap of stitch markers, especially if you have crafting ADD (which means you take on a number of projects at a time to keep it interesting and fresh).  There are two kinds of stitch markers, fixed rings that slide over a knitting needle and removable ones that simply slip around a fiber, more common in crochet.

Stitch markers can be purchased or made by hand, fancy or plain, be inexpensive or spendy.  But, why purchase them when they can be easily made with just a few tools and supplies?

If you’ve ever done any jewelry crafting or bead work, you might very well have the tools and supplies on hand to make your own.  No need to spend a lot of money when you already have what you need.

You’ll Need:

  • 4 in 1 tool
  • wire snips
  • small plier
  • jump rings (for slip ring style)
  • kidney earring wire (for removable marker style)
  • headpins
  • assorted beads, charms, and other decorative bits
  • plush bead matt (helps keep thing visible and absorbs the energy of a bouncing bead or finding so you’re not chasing bits everywhere if they are dropped)

For types with jump rings already attached, like charms and tags, you just have slip it onto the jump ring or earring wire.  Open the ring, slide on charm, close the ring.

Bead styles are a little more work intensive.

Place a smaller bead on the head pin first if the hole on the main bead is too large for the headpin to remain attached.  Stack with the main bead.  You can place another smaller bead or simply stop there.  Using the round nose on the 4 in 1, grasp the wire and wrap around the barrel.  Turn over and wrap the wire around itself twice.  Trim the excess closely.  Using the pliers or round nose, push the cut end into the wrap so it won’t snap your work, clothing, or skin.  Slip completed charm onto the open jump ring and close firmly.